Sunday, 11 August 2013

Donald Lawrence Unveils The NEW Artwork For His 20TH Anniversary Album!!


Donald Lawrence, a Grammy Award winning gospel artist, songwriter and producer, recently unveiled the cover of Volume 1 of his new 20th Anniversary album.  The CD cover showcases the clothing designs of Phineas Cole for Paul Stuart and marks the first time Stuart has collaborated with a gospel artist.  Available on September 24th, Best for Last is a jubilant celebration of Donald’s 20+ successful years in the music industry, which was recorded live at Living Word Christian Center in Chicago.  The Best for Last recording boasts the vocal stylings of the legendary Karen Clark Sheard, Natalie Grant, Kierra Sheard, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Faith Evans, Lalah Hathaway, Coco (from SWV), Kelly Price, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Rudy Currence, Ted & Sheri and The Co., on new songs and some of Donald’s chart-topping classics.  


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